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This CD consists of VitalScan installation instructions, training materials and the VitalScan image digitization software.  We've arranged it as follows, grouping related materials together.  You are now on the red box with the blue check.

Generally, main topics are at the top, and are navigated to by using the navigation bar across the top.  Sub-topics and sub-sub-topics are nested below them and are navigated to using the navigation bar on the left.

The navigation bar at the top of each page will show the pages at the same level as the page you are on, plus the parent page, and the Home page.

If the page you're on has any 'child' pages (pages below it) a navigation bar at the left will be present to navigate down to them. Note there are no navigation buttons on the left now.  That is because this page has no 'child' pages.

For example: if you were on the page pointed to by the red arrow, there would be 6 navigation buttons on the left, for the 6 cyan colored child pages below it.  There would be 5 navigation buttons on top, One for the page you are on, two for the other pages at the same level, its parent page and the home page.

When you get to 'Software Training' please read the note about jumping back and forth between the Function and Form sections.   Be aware that there are hyperlinks that take you directly to another page that's in a completely different section.  If you hyperlink off of a page, the simplest way to get back to it is with your browsers 'Back' button.   

To return to this page, go to the 'Home' page and then select the 'Navigation Aid' button.


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