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Throughout we refer to the 'DRV-2000'.  This is the model number of the hardware interface board that resides in the PC.   The current hardware revision is B2.  

This page takes the user and/or installer through the complete procedure digitizing their SEM with a DRV-2000.  Please note that many SEM's require the services of a trained electronics technician.  You may wish to contact us for advice or installation services.

At the left are links to the pages which cover each of the 7 installation steps below.

  1.         Installing the DRV-2000 SEM to PC interface in your PC.
  2.         Making the SEM connections with the supplied cables.
  3.         Installing the Image Capture software on your PC.
  4.         Setting the hardware adjustments for image brightness.  
  5.         Learning just enough about the software to set the aspect ratio and calibrate the micron bars.
  6.         Calibrating the aspect ratio and micron bars.

Note there is a link at the bottom of each page which will take you to the next page in the installation sequence.

  Did you complete the first 6 steps and the steps referenced in each of the 6 pages?  If so, you should proceed to the Software Training section.

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