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Our software training manual has been set up in three sections.

Common - details that apply to how all routines operate.
Function - a grouping of our routines by what their function is to a microscopist.  
Form - a grouping of documentation that roughly parallels the organization of the routines in the image acquisition program. 

The Common page describes little details, quirks, and peculiarities that the user must be familiar with.  These are things like:

How we use the mouse
How dialog windows operate
'Hidden' commands. There aren't very many.

The Function section is probably a better was to familiarize oneself with the tools that are available.   Although it describes how something is done, the emphasis is on what can be done and why you'd choose a particular tool.

The Form section is a more traditional organization of software documentation.  It provides more of a step by step view of the image collection software as if a user was checking each menu to see what it does.  

By arranging our documentation in these two ways, we hope to provide a better, more thorough training experience.

It should be noted that you can Alt-Tab between this documentation and the image collection software itself.  One thing to avoid is to leave the image collection software in a mode where it is acquiring data.  If you hit ESC before Alt-Tab(bing) back to the companion CD, there will be no disruption of the screen the next time you Alt-Tab back to it.

We think the best way to proceed through the documentation is to concentrate on the Function section, using the hyperlinks to the form section and returning immediately to the Function section with the 'Back' key on your browser.  In this manner, you'll discover the 'what's' and 'why's' and jump to the 'how's' when you elect to.   Your feedback as to the effectiveness of this approach to software documentation would be most welcome.

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