Text Box:  The original “UHPLC FITTING”, basis for a family of fluidic links.  The original UHPLC link.


Applications: Most UHPLC interconnects where high pressure and low dead volume are required.


Text Box:   

Popular products based on the original UHPLC fitting, such as the ‘U’ coupler (left) allowed chromatographers at Supelco to achieve the first million plate separations.  
The ‘Agilent pigtail’ (right) is an robust solution to a specific problem and sells well.





NEW fittings have been developed for niche applications, and address market needs outside the areas of the original fittings.  The following fittings (below) are examples of these new fittings and are mass produced using in-house automatic swiss machining technology


The ‘Twin symmetrical ferrule’ (patent pending)

Application:  High pressure PEEK and PEEKSil.  10KPSI for 0.002” and 0.005”ID PEEK, 15,000 PSI for PEEKSil





The “Better Nut”


Application: Use in place of any standard pressure HPLC nut to secure tubing with either PEEK or steel ferrules.  Excellent on tight heater I/O (input/output) ports of Agilent systems.




Disadvantages: not known







The ‘OEM UHPLC fitting’:  a compact version of the original ‘precision fitting’ that can be applied to user supplied tubing in the field.

Applications:  OEM retrofits, high safety environments (prep), tight places, such as   Waters Acquity.






The following 4 products are very close to release, or are indeed available for immediate sale as of November  1, 2010.


ZDV union.  Makes an end-to-end connection between 1/16” OD tubing.  Useful for extending tubing with minimal addition of dead volume.  Also useful for dispersion studies to insert in place of a column to quantify HPLC system volume.   Variations on this union are planned.  Material: 316 stainless.





‘Long reach’ better nut.  With the insertion, tightening, and strain relief features of the ‘better nut’ (shown in picture at top).  But, also being 10mm longer to allow insertion into valves and other areas where crowding makes standard length nuts difficult.  Matl: 316SS




Finger tight ‘OEM’.  Like the ‘OEM fitting (previous page), this fitting can be installed on user supplied tubing.  This fitting is manufactured with a large diameter grip for finger tight operation to 15,000 PSI.


ULTRA LENGTH fluidic conduits (not shown) 1, 1.5, and 2meter long versions of the original UHPLC fluidic conduits, but available with the ‘Finger tight OEM’ fitting (above) or other fittings TBD prior to acceptance testing.



‘Nano filter’  With ZDV adjustable tip, this filter can be inserted in any column.  0.2, 0.5 and 2uM stainless steel frits are available and the unit can be marketed as disposable, or with replaceable filter tips, TBD through the completion of product development cycle in conjunction with R&D, applications and Marketing.

Miscellaneous.  Some tools for  routine  work

Levt: Ferrule estractor tool

Right: Fitting wrench/tubing bender

Front, 2 furrule pushing tools.

Column switch kits.


Delivered to Hillel in August 2011.


Waiting for commercialization....







Next generation UHPLC fitting, based on proprietary methods.  The preferred way to proceed with strategic product launch………